Transmissions Ep. 8: No Home for You Here (w/ Adam Theron-Lee Rensch)

This episode features an interview with the writer Adam Theron-Lee Rensch on his book No Home For You Here: A Memoir on Class and Culture. The memoir tells the story of Rensch’s life growing up in a working class family in rural Ohio. Rensch combines social and political commentary along with vivid depictions of the struggles that face his community and loved ones. From leaving to attend a private college with few working class people, to going back home only to face several friends and family dealing with the pangs of unemployment and drug and alcohol addiction, No Home for You Here gets at the heart of the class experience in America. 

As Rensch’s memoir unfolds, the reader begins to see that all the liberal frameworks of thinking about class and politics are deeply inadequate to changing the material conditions of the working class. This is a book that will change how you understand class in America. It will shatter the myth that there is a supposed cultural divide amongst the working class. And it will point to some ideas for a politics that does not moralize the struggles and the suffering of the working class.

In this interview, we discuss the main themes of the book and touch on the experience of writing the book and we discuss ways to unite the working class around shared interests. 

Your hosts for this episode are Class Unity members Julie Stout and Daniel Tutt.

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