An Introduction to Class Unity

Sundays starting February 5th at 10 AM PST / 11 AM MST / 12 PM CST / 1 PM EST

If these dates and times of the upcoming session don’t work for you, keep your eyes on this page. We’ll hold this course in the future at different points in the week.

Are you a new member of Class Unity? Are you considering joining? Do you just want to learn more about us? If any of these apply to you, you should come to our Introduction to Class Unity Reading Group.

The purpose of this group is to gain familiarity with basic concepts of materialist, socialist, and Marxist politics and economics—and to develop a common vocabulary with which we can better understand contemporary capitalist society. 

The group will meet weekly on Zoom to discuss important ideas. The only requirement is openness to new ideas, discussion, and undogmatic debate. All are welcome. All texts will be made available. Register HERE.

If you are interested in more material that isn’t associated with a reading group, please check out the New Member Reading List.

1. First Meeting: Political Economy I

2. Second Meeting: Political Economy II

3. Third Meeting: Political Economy III

4. Fourth Meeting: Socialist Perspectives on Politics and Economy

5. Fifth Meeting: Anti-Racism and Class-Politics

6. Sixth Meeting: Class, so-called Middle Class, and New Left

7. Seventh Meeting: Class and Power

8. Eighth Meeting: Finance Capital and Financialized Capitalism

9. Ninth Meeting: Socialist Economics and Politics

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