Introduction to Heterodox Microeconomics

Sundays starting July 24th at 10 AM PST / 11 AM MST / 12 PM CST / 1 PM EST

Microeconomics is the theory that explains the economic behavior of individuals, such as workers or capitalists, and firms or companies in relation to one another and the various factors that constitute our economic system. For example, everyone who must either work to live or employs others for a profit has an obvious interest in understanding how expenditure and income, employment, profits, prices, or competition work at the level of individual interactions. In this course, participants will develop a firm grip on such explanations of the economy and economic activity from a heterodox microeconomic perspective.

All readings will be made available. All are welcome to attend. The only requirement is that every participant prepare and engage in earnest and open-minded discussion and debate. Participants who would simply like to attend and listen but cannot always finish all of the reading etc. are nevertheless more than welcome.

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Texts (portions we will read will be made available):

  • Microeconomic Theory: A Heterodox Approach, by Frederic C. Lee
  • Microeconomics: A Critical Companion, by Ben Fine
  • The ABC’s of Political Economy, by Robert Hahnel
  • Real World Micro, by Larson, Snyder, Sturr (27th ed., 2020)


1. Fine, Chapter 1: “Locating Microeconomics”

2. Hahnel, Chapter 2: “What Should We Demand from Our Economy?”

3. Hahnel, Chapter 3: “Efficiency and Economic Justice: A Simple Corn Model”

4. Hahnel, Chapter 4: “Markets: Guided by an Invisible Hand or Foot?”

5. Hahnel, Chapter 5: “Microeconomic Models”

6. Hahnel, Chapter 10: “What is to be Undone? The Economics of Competition and Greed”

7. Real World Micro, TBD

8. Real World Micro, TBD

9. Real World Micro, TBD

10. Real World Micro, TBD

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